Son of a Peach! Naughtiest Dessert Shop in Town! (Adults Only)

Visit the secret hide out of this Little Bastard.


By delsar


Started only in October this year, Little Bastard is an unique restaurant located somewhere within 115 King George’s Avenue. Yes, this is exactly what that they state on their website. This 38 seaters eatery has a very interesting back story that comes with it. The whole place revolves around a character that they created called “Little Bastard”. Now let me tell you a little background story of this boy.


Little Bastard was a illegitimate love child of a wealthy Hong Kong tycoon, Master Bruce Li Long Hup and a sexy Thai bar hostess, Miss Peach. To maintain his reputation, Master Li sent his illegitimate son and mistress over to Singapore where they took refuge in a mahjong den located at King George’s Avenue. Since young, Little Bastard worked and served the gamblers who visited the den. He would cook and prepare drinks for them. In his dishes, he would encompass both the flavours of Cantonese and Thai. He also adds abundant amounts of alcohol into local beverages. Little Bastard invites you to visit him in his den to try his creations.

little-bastard-display little-bastard-display-2

What a story huh? This hidden mahjong den is located on the second level of The Refinery. You’ll have to find the secret stairwell to reach this establishment, exclusive much! And it’s said that every dish served here will remind you of a certain dish or past experience. The whole establishment was decorated with olden days items from Hong Kong and Singapore while playing Thai music in the background.


Here are some dishes we tried. We started off with some sharing dishes, Swee Kueh and Little Bastard Beef Tartare. Swee Kueh which are tofu medallions topped with salted bean soy, crispy chilli and puffed rice. This is Little Bastard’s rendition of the local dish, Chwee Kueh. The tofu was super silky and soft while the rice puffs added a nice crunch. The flavour from the salted bean soy and crispy chilli also added fragrance and savouriness to the plain tofu.


Little Bastard Beef Tartare is wagyu shoulder seasoned with spicy Szechuan seasoning, century eggs, roasted nuts and served alongside pickled cucumbers. The texture of the beef was very unique and you wouldn’t even know you are eating raw beef! The flavour of the beef reminded me of Chai Tow Kway, but since everyone defers, try it and see what it reminds you of!


Then, we tried their signature dishes, Duck Confit Penyet, Shadow Leg and One Night in Tom Yum. Duck Confit Penyet is tender duck confit that was deep fried and served with homemade sambal and kecap manis. If you’ve had ayam penyet and loved it, you’ll love this even more. The crispy outer and tender inner of the duck was just perfect!

little-bastard-chicken little-bastard-rice

Shadow Leg is chicken thigh marinated for 12 hours in lemongrass then slow grilled. The meat was super tender and the aroma of the lemongrass lingers in your palette. We had these two main dishes with a bowl of Mini Signature Charred Rice Bowl which is very similar to the claypot rice we know of.


One Night in Tom Yum is definitely one of the most interesting dish of the visit. This dish is served with cold Japanese Inaniwa udon, tom yum consommé and crab meat. And just like tom yum soup you order in Thai restaurants, you have the option of having it with coconut milk or not. The noodles were chewy and the consommé was clean and rich in flavour. The whole dish was unusual in a great way.


Now let’s move on to the drinks. We tried five drinks in total. Firstly, Simply Yeo’s. As the name suggest, the base of this drink is the local brand of lemon barley drink we are all familiar with. This beverage is then added with gin sous vide with lemon peel and fresh lemon juice. A refreshing drink that wasn’t too strong.

little-bastard-osmanthus little-bastard-whiskey

Secondly, we had Gui Hua Tai. This aromatic drink was made with gin infused with osmanthus and dried rose buds, fresh lemon juice and tonic. The floral aroma filled the whole beverage and was nice and light on the palette. Thirdly, we had Smoky Bastard which is Bourbon sous vide with preserved plum, peated whiskey and a pinch of sugar. This drink has a higher alcohol content and was pretty strong, but the whisky was delightfully smoky.

little-bastard-cheng-tng little-bastard-chendol

Next, we had Cheng Tng Gao. This is exactly like you traditional dessert just that it’s added with Brandy. Interesting combination of the sweetness and the alcohol. Last but not least, we tried, Not Your Average Chendol. This homemade secret concoction is mixed with gula melaka syrup, coconut cream and pandan syrup. The alcohol in this drink wasn’t too strong and you can still taste the fragrance from the coconuts and chew on the green chendol bits in it.


Visit this secret mahjong den today and try out these unique creations. Keep a look out for that Little Bastard.

Where: 115 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208561
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 6pm to 12am. Closed on Mondays and Sundays.
Contact Information: 8459 9893