SuperFood is SuperGood In the Form of Popsicles and Smoothies!

Guilt-free ice cream and popsicles!


By delsar

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HIC juice specialises in serving cold press juices. Using their technology, they are able to extract almost 5 times the nutrients while maintaining the flavour as compared to other juicing methods. These pure, fresh and pulp free juices can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream improving your health.


HIC juice have recently opened up a cafe outlet in Centrepoint and we went down to try some of their new items: HIC Pops and HIC Freeze. HIC Pops are popsicles made with their signature cold press juice. These popsicles come in six flavours:

Skinny – apple, pineapple, lemon, lime, grapefruit

Acai – acai, banana, lime, coconut water

Kale – kale, cucumber, apple, coconut water

Hydrate – coconut water, strawberry, kiwi

Glow – pomegranate, watermelon, beetroot, coconut water

Coal – activated charcoal, almond, cashew, medal date, Himalayan salt, ionised water


The coal flavoured popsicle was definitely the most interesting one. It was jet-black and had an acquired taste. The charcoal component in this popsicle aids in digestion!

hic-original hic-dark-choco

HIC Freeze are actually coconut based ice creams. These ice creams are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and lactose-free. The four flavours of ice cream are: Original (Coconut), Dark Chocolate, Acai and Hojicha. We tried the dark chocolate flavoured HIC Freeze and it was delicious! The ice cream was smooth and contains the strong fragrance of coconut. The ice cream was creamy and you wouldn’t even notice that no dairy was involved in the process.

hic-smoothies hic-bowls

The Cafe by HIC at Centrepoint also serves smoothies and Superfood Bowls. The smoothies come in five flavours. Acai, Golden, Popeye, Sangria and Sunrise. Every cup of smoothie have less than 200kcal in them. The Superfood Bowls also comes in five flavours, which includes Acai Fantasy, Awesome Acai, Cacao Paradise, Green Goliath and Pitaya Wunderland. All the bowls have less than 400kcal in them. These smoothies and bowls are definitely great for pre or post work out!


We tried their smoothies and their superfood bowls and all of it were super enjoyable! The fruity taste alongside with crunchy nuts and fruits really made a satisfying meal. Healthy and filling at the same time!


Just like the other HIC Juice outlets, The Cafe by HIC at Centreppoint also serves 40 different flavours of cold press juices. The juices are categorised into seven different categories: Balance, Citrus, Greens, Hydrate, Nut Milk, Superfood and Supergreens. Each category serves a different purpose but all providing the nutrients that we need.


So head down to The Cafe by HIC today and get your nutrient fix! Because HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Where: The Centrepoint, #01-104, 176 Orchard Road , Singapore 238843
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily
Contact Information: 8223 6766