Talad Drink and Thai Kitchen: Affordable and Authentic Thai food

Craving for authentic Thai Food? The Talad drink and Thai Kitchen is your answer.


By Marian Govin

Opening Hours: 
Daily, Lunch:  11am – 330pm 
Daily, Dinner: 530pm – 9pm 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/thetaladdrink/

Neartest MRT: Toa Payoh 

Tel No.: 9105 0555

Everyone knows them for their insta-worthy drinks which blew up at Artbox. A must have photo was one holding their layered drink bottle against as aesthetic background, or maybe a boomerang while shaking the drink. But little know of their amazing Thai food cooked by actual Thais’ in their shop located at Toa Payoh. That’s right, Talad drink and Thai Kitchen is actually a restaurant serving both their insta-worthy drinks and authentic Thai Food at Toa Payoh.


Drinks ($3.50 – $3.80)

Let’s kick things off with their well known drinks. Ranging from traditional Thai favourites to their own specials, Talad Drinks’ are not just a pretty photo. Some of our favourites included the An Chan Peach ($3.80) – Peach with Butterfly Pea Tea, and the Strapple ($3.80) – Strawberry with Apple Juice. Of course we were mesmerised by the way the colors mixed and took our fair share of boomerang shots! Not included on their menu is Mermaid Tears, the drink which boomed to fame at Artbox. Fret not, this drink is still available off the menu! Just order from any staff as you would with any drink.


Onto the star of the show, the food. Before coming we had heard from friends that the food here was beyond expectations and legitimate authentic Thai food. And being fans of Thai food ourselves, expectations were high. The place itself wasn’t much of a looker. Without any air conditioning, and in a run down building, you might think to yourself, “great Thai food at a place like this?” but the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” has never been more true. The staff are authentic Thai (you know that because they actually converse in Thai) and everything is humble and sincere.

Steam Sea Bass with Lime and Chilli Sauce ($20)

Yes, you do get a full fish for $20 and no, they do not compromise on the taste. This was our undisputed favourite, the spicy and sour sauce is exactly what you imagine from any Thai dish, and the fish was super soft and delicate. Upon first taste, the sourness form the lime will hit you and immediately after, the heat comes kicking in. And no this is not any tame chilli. Spicier than some Tom Yam soups out there, the sauce is strangely addictive and gets you hooked into the dish immediately. The fish was steamed to perfection. The flesh was glistening white and slide apart easily with the pull of a fork. All this for $20, definitely worth every cent.

Thai Grilled Pork Skewer ($6 for 3, $10 for 5)

This was a close second. Made the traditional Thai street food way with the actual grill that they use on the streets of Thailand. The pork is grilled till the outside layer is has a slight caramelised taste. The meat itself is super juicy and tender, each bite just explodes with flavour in your mouth. This dish looks simple and it’s humble form may not be much of a looker but the skewer itself is to die for.

Home Made Thai Prawn Cake ($6 for 3, $10 for 5)

Thin circular pancakes made of fresh prawns, this dish is small but mighty. The prawns, though formed into a pancake, still have a bite and it’s crispy coating gives it an added crunch. Just like the other dishes, this pancake shocked us upon first taste. The pancake was not dry but was super juicy and addictive. The perfect compliment to your mains or rice.

Green Curry Fried Rice ($5.50)

This was something that we were hearing for the first time. Made the same way as your Tom Yam fried rice, this was something we were skeptical about. Yes we do soak our green curry onto white rice, but frying it together? We weren’t sure about that. But yet again, we were astounded by it’s taste. Each grain of rice was coated by the flavour of the green curry while it still retained the perfect texture of the jasmine rice. Every mouthful felt like a soft pillow of green curry in our mouths, and this was the perfect base to pair with the prawn pancake.

The Talad Drink and Thai Kitchen will definitely go  in our books as one of the best and most affordably priced Thai foods around. $20 for a whole fish? No need for splurging on expensive dinners, keep it wallet friendly and escape to Thai heaven at Talad.

190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #01-520 Food Alley,
Singapore 310190

Opening Hours: 
Daily, Lunch:  11am – 330pm
Daily, Dinner: 530pm – 9pm

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