Tea, A drink to boost your soul but are you overdoing it?

Everyone loves a great cup of tea, no matter the time of day. Despite it's countless health benefits, are you drinking too much tea?


By Marian Govin

Tea has always been known for it’s health factor. It’s a drink that some people swear by to kick start their day. It’s said that a cup of green tea in the morning helps to boost metabolism and improves your brain function. In the long run, drinking green tea can help to decrease your chance of getting chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular disease. But when does it get too much?

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Types of tea

Let’s start off by differentiating the various kinds of tea. The most common teas that we drink is either Green tea or Black tea. Each with their own set of health benefits!

Green Tea

Okay, everyone loves their green tea so this should be an easy one. Green tea is an unoxidized tea that is made solely from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. Big words huh. Well, spare you the long description, Green tea is basically teas like Matcha, Jasmine and Hojicha.

Black Tea

Many of us have actually been drinking black tea without even knowing it. Some common forms of black tea include Darjeeling and Ceylon tea. Black tea leaves come from the same plant as the Green tea but the leaves get oxidised instead which develops it’s flavour. That’s basically the only difference!

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There is still a whole library of teas available, such as white tea, Pu’er Tea, Oolong tea and flavoured tea! Each of which have their own specific way of preparation and different taste and looks. Everyone has their own favourites but all teas do generally carry the same kind of health benefits. Prevents cancer, protects heart health and helps slow down memory loss, the list endless, but too much of this can end up hindering your body.

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After hours of research, it is safe to say anything upwards of 6 cups a day is too much. There are countless nutrients in tea (with names too hard to pronounce or spell) that make tea the health hero that it is. But just like everything else, too much of these will inhibit your body from processing the way that it usually does. For example, too much green tea can cause your body to stop absorbing iron from the other food you consume! It doesn’t make sense to drink tea for it’s benefits but end up hindering your bodily functions right?

It is important to note that different teas have different limits. And the same goes for each person. 6 cups is the safe bet but some people can drink up to 10 cups and still be perfectly fine! This depends on your own body as well as the kind of tea you are drinking.

By no means you should stop drinking tea but just be more cautious with it especially if you are someone who inhales tea like it’s water!  Or try out different kinds of tea and try which tea suits you best! And no, bubble tea is still not good for you.

Disclaimer: We here at Kopi Folks are no tea experts and this article is based on research that we did through the world wide web. For professional advice, please approach your doctor, or someone with the relevant qualifications.

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