The Affogato Bar: Asia’s First Affogato Bar!

Specializing in affogatos, The Affogato Bar makes sure to change it up a notch by giving the classic affogatos a twist, catering to all taste buds!


By shani

You’re probably thinking, “What’s affogato?” No worries, we’ve defined it for you.

Affogato in Italian means “drowned”, and according to the Oxford dictionary, it is “an Italian dessert consisting of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso coffee.” Of course, there are different variations of the affogato sold here at The Affogato Bar. But it is the quote “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” that truly defines what affogato really means.

All you have to do is pour the warm espresso coffee into the cup of icy cold ice-cream, and the result is magical. Simple as it may be, you’ll find enjoyment just seeing how the coffee trickles down onto the ice-cream while the ice-cream melts quickly in the cup. And the taste? The warm bitter coffee mixed with the sweet cold ice-cream is just like a match made in heaven.

They sell the Classic White ($10.90) which is what affogato actually is: Vanilla ice-cream along with a cup of coffee. The coffee blend for this is La Tazza, originated from Brazil and New Guinea, which has a rich dark cocoa taste to it. It has vanilla sponge cake inside the cup of ice-cream, sprinkled with white chocolate streusels, adding a crunchy texture to the smooth but classic vanilla ice-cream.

Die-hard fans of chocolate should definitely try the Death by Chocolate ($13.90). You’ll drool when you know what’s in the glass. It contains chocolate sorbet, and they added brownie chunks and chocolate streusels just to make it even better. The coffee blend for this is Grande Tazza (Costa Rican) which has a sweet and chocolatey taste to it.

This is for the banana lovers out there! Their Banana Ramble ($12.90) affogato has that tinge of banana flavour from the banana cake and fresh banana slices inside without making the taste too overwhelming. The butter pecan ice-cream balances it out, making it less jelak. As for the coffee, they use the fragrant Mocharoma (Nicaraguan base espresso) which has this fruity taste to it. Think this looks good? It doesn’t taste good though… It tastes great!

So they have catered to the vanilla, chocolate and banana lovers, what about carrot cake lovers? Luckily, they sell the unique Carota Carota ($13.90) which has Carrot cake ice-cream and of course, carrot cake topped with chopped walnuts and homemade cream cheese! If it sounds delicious to you, let me tell you, it is. Mixed with a cup of Mocharoma (Nicaraguan base espresso), this one has got to be the most flavourful one for me. It tastes both sweet and savoury at the same time!

Of course, this place doesn’t just sell affogatos, they sell sandwiches and premium coffee from the land Down Under too! If you are a coffee lover, this is no doubt a place worth trying!

501 Bukit Timah Rd
Cluny Court
#01-04B 259760

Opening Hours:
8:00am – 11:00pm (Daily)

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