The Not So Secret Life of Pets

As pet owners, you may feel that at times, leaving your pet at home alone is one of the hardest thing to do. So don’t! Bring them out with you and visit Sun Ray Cafe.


By delsar

Some of us may have watched the animated movie: The Secret Life of Pets. And yes, we have wondered what our pets do at home while we are out. As pet owners, you may feel that at times, leaving your pet at home alone is one of the hardest thing to do. So don’t! Bring them out with you and visit Sun Ray Cafe.


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Sun Ray Cafe is divided into two different areas. One that allows pets and the other just for dining. The cafe started out first, but the tenant beside shifted and they decided to take over the spot and convert it to a pet-friendly eatery. There was actually a four months difference in the two businesses. But now, the whole establishment is registered to be pet-friendly. However, they still kept the segregation between the two operations so that people who do not like to deal with pets can still enjoy a nice quiet meal on the other side.

The busiest hours for Sun Ray is the weekends and public holidays. Customers and their pets may even have to wait outside for a while before they can get a spot in the cafe. But during the weekdays, the cafe is fairly quiet. We went down on a Thursday afternoon and there were just a few customers with three to four pets. So if you are looking to spent a quiet time with your friends and pets, visit on a weekday, if you are looking to meet more pet lovers like yourself, try visiting on a weekend.


This pet-friendly cafe welcome all kinds of pets. They have had terrapins, rabbits, hamsters and even parrots visiting them! But don’t worry, the owners are required to be able to control their pets well so as to not cause any disruption to other customers. For example, the parrot did not fly at all, it just calm sat on it’s owner’s shoulder. The hamsters were also brought in with their cages. The cats from the nearby pet shop are very familiar with dogs and even has dog scent on them, so the dogs don’t usually bother about them. So the cat and dogs there don’t usually fight. But customers with pure breed type of cats will usually put their pets in a cat bag.

Sun Ray offers a wide range of food and drinks. They have pastas, all day brunch and an interesting variety of burgers. They recently have two new items on the menu that are getting quite a lot of attention. The Chilli Crab Pasta and Kung Pao Pasta, both fusion pastas. The chilli crab pasta has a whole soft shell crab in it while the kung pao pasta is like the Chinese Kung Pao Chicken that is being cooked into pasta.


They offer a range of in-house promotions:

1-for-1 Set Lunch, Wednesday to Friday, 11am to 3pm (excluding weekend, eve of PH & PH) for $30 NETT

-2 soups of the day or a sharing dish

-2 brunch/pasta/burger/mains

-2 non-alcoholic drinks

1-for-1 Caffeine Set, Monday to Tuesday, 8pm to 10.30pm. Wednesday to Friday, 3pm to 6pm and 8pm to 10.30pm (excluding weekend, eve of PH & PH) for $15 NETT

– 2 coffee or teas, 1 dessert

All Day Set, Everyday at any time (excluding weekend, eve of PH & PH)

– Order any burger, pasta, brunch or mains and top up $10 for 1 soup of the day and 1 non-alcoholic drink.

sun-ray-minute-steak sun-ray-kung-pao-spaghetti sun-ray-truffle-fries

We tried the Minute Sirloin from the All the Brunch menu and the Kung Pao Pasta. The Minute Sirloin came with watery scrambled eggs crispy thick toast and the beef was served medium rare. Everything was cooked just the way we liked it. The Kung Pao Pasta really lived up to its name. The balance of sweetness and spiciness was just right. The thick, juicy slices of grilled chicken on top added to the flavour of the whole dish. We also ordered truffle fries on the side. They sprinkled a generous amount of cheese on top of the perfectly fried thin cut fries. People who loves truffle would love this dish. With the strong truffle aroma and taste that will just keep you wanting more.

sun-ray-cappuccino sun-ray-iced-brighton sun-ray-metrosexual

When we first reach the cafe, we can see Dave, the owner of Sun Ray cafe roasting the coffee beans. We later found out that he is actually a trained barista from Europe, Spain. Therefore, it was a must for us to try the coffee! We ordered a hot Cappuccino, an Iced Brighton and a coffee cocktail called Metrosexual. The Cappuccino was smooth and fragrant. The Ice Brighton is actually coffee with orange zest, milk and chocolate. The aroma of the fresh orange peel and the bitter-sweet chocolate blended perfectly with the coffee. Lastly, Metrosexual is an alcoholic coffee cocktail that includes espresso, spices, gula melaka, kahlua shaken with ice and served in a wine glass. This is definitely an interesting drink. The acidity of the drink was balanced out with the sweetness of the gula melaka giving it an unique blend of taste. Besides the coffee, Sun Ray Cafe also offers tea from Australian Tea Masters which are specialty teas.

When asked why customers should visit Sun Ray Cafe, Dave replied

“Our bread and jam are all baked and made in-house by our chef. So basically, we have in-house capability. We think that by controlling our own production, the cost is cheaper and we can better control the quality. So when the cost is cheaper, we can afford to charge the price lower. For example, our cappuccino is only sold at $3.50 while usually, people sell it at $5 or $5.50. This was possible because I roast the coffee beans myself.”

In addition, they also sell coffee grinders and machines to those who love to make their own freshly brewed coffee at home. So if you want to spent a lovely afternoon with your friends and pets in a cozy environment with friendly staff while having a nice meal and coffee, visit Sun Ray Cafe!

Where: 79 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore 559218
Operating Hours: Monday to Tuesday – 6pm to 11pm, Wednesday to Friday – 11am to 11pm, Saturday to Sunday – 10am to 11pm
Contact Information: 6283 8700