The Poké Stop You Need to Visit

People who loves sashimi would love it!


By delsar


Aloha Poké was started up by two couples, John, his wife and their friends. The idea started when they were vacationing in Hawaii where they first tried poké and fell in love with it. For those of you who don’t know, Poké (pronounced as ‘po-kay’) is a raw fish salad traditionally serves as an appetiser in Hawaiian cuisine. It’s actually a combination of the best of Japanese and Western food. It’s sashimi with different kind of sauces, and you can have it over rice or salad which serves as the perfect lunch solution in Singapore.
In John’s words:

“It’s definitely a healthy dish but it doesn’t feel like you’re eating healthy food. People don’t enjoy eating salads, I mean no matter what you say no one really enjoys a salad. But when you have a poke bowl people do enjoy it.”

The shop had Hawaii spelled all over it. With the concrete floors, wooden furniture and Hawaiian music playing, you can actually convince yourself that you’re in a beach bar on Waikiki beach. They also decorated the store with Hawaiian posters and coconut flower pots which added more feel for the theme of the restaurant. The whole ambience of the store gave a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy a healthy meal and chat with your friends.
They have four types of sauce to choose from: Original, Wasabi Mayo, Spicy and Seasonal. The original which is basically Shoyu (Japanese Soy Sauce) and Sesame Oil is quite healthy, although it’s got a little salt in it, but the sesame oil has got no cholesterol. The Spicy flavour and the Wasabi Mayo has additional ingredients, but the flavour is just so fantastic! People who loves sashimi would love it!
Upon arrival, just grab an order sheet to fill in, and you can customise the whole bowl to your own preference in just 7 simple steps:
1. Write your name
2. Choose your size: Lil’ Swell (1 scoop of poké), Standard Nalu (2 scoops of poké) or Big Kahuna (3 scoops of poké)
3. Choose your base: White Rice, Brown Rice, Rice Mix or Salad
4. Choose your poké: Tuna, Salmon, Vegetarian Tofu or Seasonal poké
5. Choose 2 complimentary add-ons
6. Choose 1 complimentary superfood
7. Drinks [Optional] (I personally recommend the Cocoloco Fresh Coconut Juice made out of 100% Thai Coconut. Naturally sweet and super refreshing!)
Send in the order sheet, wait for you name to be called and enjoy you poké bowl!
We got to try all the different poké available in the shop and I have to say, you won’t regret choosing any! They are all super delicious! They are all nicely marinated with flavourful sauces. Each bowl is filled with the base at the bottom and topped with a huge load of fresh vegetables which adds a nice crunch. A standard bowl is quite filling and the portion of poké given was definitely value for money. I have to say that the spicy flavoured poké was really quite fiery, but nonetheless yummy! So if you love spicy food, be sure to try this flavour! In addition, all the ingredients are prepared fresh daily. Eating a poké bowl for lunch sure made me feel healthy but at the same time, not losing the chance to enjoy a delicious meal.

Traditionally, poké is famous for tuna, but since Singaporeans love salmon, which is why Spicy Salmon is their best seller, as well as their original flavoured salmon. The lunch crowd was there from 12pm to about 2pm which is Aloha Poké’s predominant business. The crowd mainly consist of office workers and people who visits the gym nearby. Go down when they just open at 11.30am to avoid the huge crowd! They open at night as well where you can enjoy cocktails along with your poké bowl which goes great together. Although people enjoy poké for lunch, it can be consume over dinner as well.

Poké may be a new dish in Singapore, but it is definitely not new to the F&B scene. It is all over U.S.A now which is in trend with the ‘eating clean’ culture that has been spreading all through the world. Although Aloha Poké was the first to bring poké to Singapore, they are convinced that they won’t be the only poké shop in Singapore for the times to come. According to John, already a few others have opened.

Lastly, Aloha Poké would like to tell potential customers out there:

“I think this is the new food trend and if you haven’t tried poké, you should at least give us a try.”

Address: 92 Amoy St, Singapore 069911
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday – 11.30am to 2pm, 5.30pm to 11pm. Closed on Sundays.
Contact Information: 6221 6165