The Tower of Seafood Goodness (Even a Steamboat at the End)!

Have a fun and delicious meal for your next family gathering!!


By delsar

captain-k-sign captain-k-seats

To all who love seafood, this one is for you! Step into this Korean inspired restaurant with spacious walking areas, Korean music and even Korean soju. Captain K Seafood was started by an ex-Marine Engineer who travelled around the world and tried a wide variety of seafood. At his last stop, he was in Korea for a month and saw that they served steamed dishes stacked on top of one another. He thought that the concept was very interesting and with the support of friends and family, he was able to transform his ideas into reality. In Korea, they use a seafood soup base but what is done differently at Captain K is that they use soup bases like Korean seaweed soup, Kimchi soup and Ginseng Chicken Soup. This is because Singaporeans love variety. The soup is used to steam the seafood and thereafter, the seafood goodness will seep back into the soup. Eating down tier by tier, you’ll see that the last layer is a hotpot which you can enjoy with an array of dishes at the self serve counter.


The owner of Captain K Seafood believes that moving forward, this might be the new way of eating healthy. Using only the method of steaming, you can eat the original flavour of the seafood as nothing is being masked and you don’t lose any flavour. The seafood are all delivered fresh daily and there’s no marination for the dishes. All the saltiness and sweetness from each dish is actually all natural from the seafood itself, with no MSG. Captain K Seafood also imports most of their items from Korea and their soup bases are also Korean, which goes together with the theme of the shop.


The 9 tier seafood tower with Ginseng Chicken Soup base that serves up to 8 pax is their best selling product. Their Salt Baked Crabs are also another popular dish as it uses young adult crabs weighing between 600g to 700g. These young adult crabs are said to be tastier and the texture of the meat is much better as compared to more mature ones. This is what you get in the 9 tier tower: Prawns, Mussels and Clams, Baby Lobster, Chilean King Crab, Boston Lobster, Oysters, Squid with Rice Stuffing, Scallops with Vermicelli and Garlic and Ginseng Chicken Soup Base. The soup base or what Captain K Seafood calls it, a Seabed, is where all the seafood goodness goes in. This is the standard but if you order a la carte tiers of other seafood, the soup evolves and the more seafood there is the thicker the soup will be.

Their busiest time is when the dinner crowd comes in. From Monday to Thursday, there will be one round or maybe one and a half rounds of seating. On Fridays, there will be two full rounds of seatings, 6pm – 8pm and 8pm onwards. On Saturday they have 3 seatings, 5.30pm, 6.30pm and 8pm.


Captain K Seafood is definitely a place for a big gathering, a place where you can have so many kinds of seafood in one seating. It’s like they’re bringing the world to you because their seafood are all from different parts of the Earth like, Chilean King Crab from Europe, Boston Lobsters, U.S Oysters, Irish Oysters. It’s a place where you get to sit together, eat together and instead of everyone having their own piece or portion, everyone stands up and interacts.

captain-k-prawns captain-k-clams captain-k-baby-lobster

To fully enjoy the whole experience, we gathered everyone from the office and had a 9 tier seafood tower feast! On our first tier, there were prawns that were so fresh, they came off the shell easily. The prawn was sweet and since no marination was added, you know all that flavour is from the prawn itself. On the second tier, we have mussels and clams that were juicy and did not have any hint of foul odour. The third tier contains baby lobsters. The texture of these little creatures were firm and not overly chewy.

captain-k-crab captain-k-lobster captain-k-oyster captain-k-squid

On the fourth tier, we have Chilean King Crab. This spiky crab was filled with flavourful crab juice when you pry open its shell. You can taste the ocean in every bite of this firm and sweet crab meat. On the fifth tier is Boston Lobsters that were huge and filled with meat and roe. The roe was surprisingly sweet instead of bitter and the saltiness of the sea made the whole dish super tasty! Next, on the sixth tier, Oysters. The oysters were juicy and not overcooked. If you hadn’t known better, you might even think that they were raw oysters! On the seventh tier, you have Squid with Rice Stuffing. The squid did not have a stubborn texture and was filled with Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal (Hae Bi Hiam) rice. The rice was a mixture of glutinous rice and Japanese rice as using only glutinous rice can make the whole dish very sick on the palette.

captain-k-scallop captain-k-soup captain-k-drinks

On the eighth tier, there are scallops that are laying on a bed of vermicelli and garlic which gave the whole dish fragrance. Last but not least, it’s the seabed of Ginseng Chicken Soup with a whole chicken in it! All the flavours from the seafood were dripped into this hotpot making it super flavourful and tasty. Adding in the steamboat dishes and ending the meal with the hotpot was just perfect. With the free flow drinks and sauce station, you’ll consume everything in a blink of an eye!

captain-k-lobster-ramen captain-k-seafood-ramen captain-k-noodles

Captain K Seafood will be launching a new lunch menu in December that consists of lobster ramen with lobster stock and seafood ramen with seafood stock. The chewy noodles and flavourful soup stock will definitely make it a memorable lunch. So if you’re not in the mood for a seafood tower or if you don’t have enough people to enjoy the tower with you, try the noodles instead which is just as delicious!


So head down to Captain K Seafood today with your family and have a fun and delicious time with them!

Where: #01-02, Income@Prinsep, 30 Prinsep St, Singapore 188647
Operating Hours: Monday – 6pm to 10.30pm, Tuesday to Thursday – 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 10.30pm, Friday – 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm, Saturday – 11.30am to 3pm and 5pm to 11pm, Sunday – 11.30am to 3pm and 5pm to 10.30pm
Contact Information: 6255 2270