Udders: Christmas Means More Of Our Favourite Ice Creams!


By Marian Govin

Thinking of a perfect ice-cream ending to your Christmas festivities? Then make sure you get yourself some goodies from Udders! This Christmas, Udders has lined up some special promos to make sure that you get that sweet ice cream ending.

Credits: Udders

Udders Ice Cream Logcake

Everyone loves a good ice cream cake, and everyone also loves a good pint of Udders ice cream. Combine the two together and you get your perfect Christmas cake answer! With four spectacular flavours, this cake is sure to hit all the right notes with you and your guests. If you are looking to get one for the whole family, opt for the Milky Chocolate ($70). Sweet and smooth chocolate ice cream will definitely please both the young and old! Another option would be the Cookies & Cream ($70), a classic favourite among the little ones!

Having a more grown up Christmas this year? Swop out that glass of Pinot Noir for a slice of the Rum Rum Raisin ($75)! A delicate blend of rum and sweet ice cream, perfect for laughing over the past year’s happenings with your friends. Or if you are having a simple Singaporean style Christmas, then finish it all of with a durian logcake and bring home the Mao Shan Wang Durian ($85)! Rich and sweet durian ice cream, you can’t go wrong with this!

*Order before 17th Dec and get 15% of your logcake! Prices stated are before discount.

Credit: Udders

4 Pint Special

If you aren’t feeling up for a proper sit down dinner but rather have a cozy chilled night with some close friends, then you should totally get the 4 pint special! Choose from any flavours in store and get 15% off your total bill when you get four or more pints! Sit back, cosy up to your loved ones, enjoy a Christmas movie and eat your favourite ice creams from the tub! Not sure of what flavours to get? Here are some of Udders’ 4 pint recommendations!

Cosmopolitan Flavours: 1. Strawberry Fields 2. Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla 3. Hazel’s Nuts 4. Awesomely Chocolate
Asian Flavours: 1. The Mao (Mao Shan Wang Durian) 2. Sexy Me (Sesame) 3. Champion Chendol 4. Horlicks Balls
Liqueur Flavours: 1. Rum Rum Raisin 2. Tira-Miss-U 3. Bailey’s & Bourbon 4. Orange Choc Bitters

Credit: Udders

Christmas Bundle

The fun does not end there! If you can’t choose between the log cake of pint of ice cream, then take both and get their Christmas Bundle! Packed in a special Udders Christmas, get 20% of your total order when you get the Christmas bundle before 17th Dec! Which also means more savings, and more goodies for you and your family!

With such good deals, you’ll have great dessert but at a discounted cost! So look no further and head on down to Udders to get your ice cream fix this Christmas!

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