Unique Macarons Flavours Takes a New Twist

Bold flavour choices that you hardly get at any regular bakeries.


By delsar

AnnaBella Macarons 2
Best known for their interesting and unique flavours on the classic sweet pastry Macarons. AnnaBella Pâtisserie is a Japanese-French inspired bakery that specialises in Japanese light cream cakes and hand crafted macarons.

Although they mainly sell on their online store, one can also see them regularly at food fair’s around malls in Singapore. Flavours often sell out quickly within the first few hours of opening. We have attempted to try their macarons for a few times now. We went after working hours but the stall will be closed by then. There was this once at Century Square (Tampines), we managed to catch them at the early hours, after breakfast, and even then, half of the flavours were gone.
AnnaBella Macarons 1
On certain months, they offer limited edition flavours such as: White Truffle (luxurious mushroom flavoured macarons), Lychee Rose Martini (lychee and rose flavoured macarons with lychee bits and a dash of Vodka), Passion Sling (passion fruit flavoured macarons with mandarin orange bits and Benedictine Dom). These are very rare. The more usual ones range from ‘Premium, Artisan and Classic’. Premium flavours such as: Pink Velvet (rose petals, Madagascar vanilla beans), Royalty (Japanese royal milk tea) and Créme Brûlée. Artisan flavours depends on the days as well, like Tiramisu, Champagne or Baileys. Classic favourites include Salted Caramel, Earl Grey, Moccacino (caffé mocha).

Bold flavour choices that you hardly get at any regular bakeries.

AnnaBella Pâtisserie is definitely worth the hunt to get these sweet goodness. (Tip: Try to visit them on their first or second day at the fair and before 11am to get the more unique flavours, alternately buy online at their website)

Popular Promotion Packages Available:

Classic Box 1 (10pcs) $20.00
Classic Box 2 (10pcs) $20.00
Classic Box 3 (10pcs) $20.00
Premium Box 1 (10pcs) $30.00
Premium Box 2 (10pcs) $30.00

Reasonable and Delicious!

Check out AnnaBella Pâtisserie Facebook Page or their website for updates on whenever they are at food fairs around Singapore to get yourself on hand at these amazing tasties!