Weirdest Soft Drinks Around the World

Which of these flavours would you dare to try?


By delsar

Soft drinks are sweet carbonated drinks that can be enjoyed with almost any meal. We know many brands of colas and sodas, and we know other than the original, these companies have also produced flavoured sodas. We are no stranger to cherry coke and lemon sodas, but do you know that these flavours of soft drinks exist?

1. Coffee Cola

Via anuga

This combination of coffee and cola would probably keep you awake for quite a while. Filled with caffeine, this drink also serves as an energy drink.

2. Celery Soda

Via Ottawazine

Want to drink a soft drink and stay healthy at the same time? Try celery soda! Cel-Ray is created by the brand Dr. Brown’s and can be found in New York. The flavour is extracted from celery seeds and taste some what similar to a celery flavoured ginger ale with more kick.

3. Curry Soda/Chilli Oil Soda

Via All the Ame

You know the marble drink we drank when we were younger? The ones where we popped the marble into the bottle to open it. Original and grape flavoured sodas were the most popular ones back then. But did you know that they have CURRY and CHILLI OIL flavoured ones in Japan? These two flavours are commonly found in Japanese cuisine but Ramune, the brand that created these sodas, recreated these flavours into soft drinks.

4. Eel Soda

bizzare-drinks-eel-sodaVia Virgula

Unagi Nobori is a carbonated soft drink that contains extracts from the head and bones of an eel. And I guess you already know the answer on where to find it. Yes, this drink can be found in none other than Japan. This is an energy drink that focused its target audience to “men who are exhausted by the summer’s heat” said the spokesperson of the company, Kazunori Hayashi. This is because, a large population of the Japanese consider that eating eel can help in improving ones stamina in hot weather.

5. Black Garlic Soda


Garlic adds great flavour when cooking in almost any cuisine. This Swiss company decided to take advantage of people’s love for garlic even further by creating garlic soda. But do make sure you take a mint after this drink.

6. Cow Urine Soda

Via Apucarana Notícias

Hindu worshippers pray to cows as they are grateful for their contribution of dairy products that helped in sustaining the lives of the people. However, many also believe that consuming the excrements and urine of the cow can improve their health. Thus, India has created a cola made from cow urine and it’s said to cure many diseases.

7. Buffalo Wings Soda

Via Bacon Freak

Lester’s Fixins developed Buffalo sauce-flavored soda which is slightly acidic just like the original food. They also have Bacon, Sweet Corn, Peanut Butter and Jelly and a few other unique flavoured sodas. These drinks can be found on the West Coast of U.S.A.

8. Kimchi Drink

Via 犀利哥哥

If you don’t already know, Kimchi is cabbage that is fermented in a spicy paste traditionally served as a side dish in a Korean cuisine. The left-over juice from the process of fermentation is often used in cooking kimchi stews to add more flavour. But Coolpis Kimchee Drink packaged these liquid and sells it as a soft drink. That is definitely a way to save on production cost considering that almost every household in Korea ferments their own Kimchi.

9. Cheese Drink

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Are you a cheese lover? Do you enjoy adding cheese to almost all your food? Now you can drink liquid cheese from a bottle. NEEDS Cheese Drink has three flavours: Yuzu, Berry and Original. The best part of this drink is that it also serves great as a salad dressing. Oh-yeah!

10. Placenta Drink

Via Pedestrian

One would cringe just from the name of this drink. Another bizarre drink found in Japan. Available in two flavours: Placenta 400000 is the “natural’ version or Placenta 100000, the peach flavoured Jelly Drink. These drinks claim to have numerous beauty benefits thanks to the properties found in PIGS PLACENTA. Why would someone drink that?! WHY?!

Looking through the list, I’m thankful for the original flavoured sodas and colas. But which of these flavours would you dare to try?