What to Get to have the Ultimate Steamboat This Chinese New Year

Are you prepared for your steamboat this CNY eve? Check off this checklist and ensure that you have gotten everything to satiate the bellies of your loved ones!


By Marian Govin

Instead of cooking individual dishes for reunion dinner, many families instead opt for a steamboat for a easier and more relaxed time. Forget about the hours of prep from daylight, and the massive amounts of mise en plac, just head on down to the supermarket and get stocked up on these classic steamboat ingredients and you will be all set to go!

Credit: CP

1. Soup Base

Everything starts out from a good base, and for a steamboat it is essential to have a good soup to sip on while enjoying the pot of goodness. Check out CP’s Clear chicken broth concentrate which is suitable for all! simply mix with water and you will get a hearty and delicious soup base for your steamboat!

Credit: crownfresh.com.sg

2. Meats

This is an important part of all steamboats. many people are avid lovers of shabu shabu and would pay over $30 to enjoy the goodness at a restaurant outside. This doesn’t mean you can’t get that same goodness in the comforts of your own home! The various supermarkets all offer a range of frozen shabu shabu meats. be it pork collar or beef sukiyaki, you can go crazy and pile on the meats during your reunion dinner!

credits: seafoodshifu.com

3. Seafoods

Seafoods are always the worst with steamboats because of the amount of time its takes to prepare them. slicing the fish neatly into equal pieces, cleaning out the squid and washing the clams. There is no doubt that adding seafood into you pot will make your coup even more delicious and flavourful, but which seafoods are the easiest to prepare? Try going for some tiger prawns. A level above your regular prawn to give it that slightly more atas feel and also, all you really have to do is wash it before serving! Just get someone who is willing to peel the shells for you at the dinner table and you will have a fuss free meal!

Credits: malaysianflavours.com

4. Vegetables

Vegetables are the key to giving your soup that added sweetness and hearty taste. But yet, many people aren’t very sure as to which veges they should be opting for! Typically, people tend to get xiao bai cai or beijing cabbage etc, but go a little out there and just add in your favourite veges! Carrots are also a good addition as they are naturally sweet and can help deepen the flavour of the soup even further. And don’t forget to get your hands on some mushrooms! Enoki mushrooms are a standard in all steamboats but try out some oyster mushrooms which gives you an added bite and texture to your pot!

Credits: CP

5. Others

What do I mean by others? Well of course I’m talking about things like dumplings and cheese tofu! These are key ingredients to getting your steamboat pot filled and ensuring that there is enough food for everyone! Some of my favourites are cheese tofu, pork meatballs, shrimp wontons and even dumplings!

Credits: burpple.com

6. Sauce

No steamboat is completed without having a sauce to dip your food into! A personal favourite of mine (and I’m sure many of you) is the Kewpie Sesame Sauce. Perfect with almost everything, this supposed salad dressing is actually a great accompaniment for steamboats as well! Or if you are looking for an added kick of flavour, then you can opt for some classic sambal, which gives your steamboat an additional flavour profile.