World’s First and Only Michelin Starred Ramen: What to Expect

If you don’t already know, the World’s First and Only Michelin Starred Ramen has arrived in Singapore.


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If you don’t already know, the World’s First and Only Michelin Starred Ramen has arrived in Singapore. This ramen is so popular now, the expected waiting time to try a bowl of this award winning ramen is 1 hour. Chef Yuki Onishi original recipe is probably the key to why so many people enjoy his ramen.


Firstly, let us give you a rough idea of the how dining at Tsuta works. As you are queuing, you’ll be given a menu. After deciding on your choice of ramen, the queue will lead you to a ordering machine. The ordering system is fortunately, very user friendly. First of all, choose the type of ramen you want. Next, you can decide if you want to add any additional items. Then, you can order your drinks, confirm your order and lastly, pay. There’s 3 different mode of payment: Cash, NETS and Credit Card. The machine is very smart and gives you exact change for cash payment that not only in coins but notes as well! You can also pay by Paywave, Android pay, Apple pay and Samsung pay.

tsuta-shoyu tsuta-shio

Now let us explain to you the choice of ramen available. They only have 2 types of ramen at this current moment which is the Shoyu Soba and Shio Soba. The Shoyu Soba has a combination of three different shoyu and are all made to Chef Yuki’s specification. Two of it is actually brewed by a brewery and one is made in-house by him. Every bowl of Shoyu Soba is served with truffle puree in truffle oil. The Shio Soba is cooked with Okinawa sea salt as well as Mongolian rock salt and it’s always served with green olive puree in truffle oil. The soup base for both of the ramen is similar. They are made from clams, chickens as well as vegetables.


Shoyu Soba is Tsuta’s signature and it has a stronger flavour. So if you are a person who likes stronger flavour, try the Shoyu and if you like something simpler, go for the Shio. Chef Yuki also said that in Japan, a lot of girls prefer the Shio ramen which is the lighter flavour, whereas the the guys would usually go for the Shoyu ramen which is the stronger flavour.


Each bowl of ramen comes with a generous portion of perfectly sliced char siew. Tsuta imports chilled Canadian pork collar and each slice is cut into 4mm thickness. Yes, it’s that specific! They actually did a lot of research and found out that 4mm was the optimum thickness.


You can order a wheat tea that is recommended by Chef Yuki to go with the ramen. This tea is pretty special as the chef actually sourced around Japan for this wheat tea leave because he realised that this wheat tea goes best with the ramen. This is why Tsuta specially imported this wheat tea all the way from Japan to Singapore.

tsuta-bowls tsuta-noodle-cooking tsuta-noodles-pour tsuta-noodles tsuta-plating

After ordering, you’ll be brought to your seat. Your wheat tea will be served first and within minutes, your noodles will be ready. A fast paced service. Now, consume your bowl of ramen within 10 minutes! They recommend this 10 minutes eating time as the flavours may get too strong if you wait for too long. It was indeed a fun and interesting experience.


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Tsuta is a 18 seater eatery here in Singapore whereas in Japan, there’s only 9. They are already double up of Japan! There’s only one way in and one way out in Tsuta’s premise which make it seem even more exclusive than it already is. They serve about 270-280 bowls only for a half day operation! Impressive huh? Tsuta will be operating full day from 12 November onwards, which is from 11am to 10pm. The best part is that there is no service charge and GST. All you have to do is to reach early for the people who wants to try the ramen.


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So to sum it up, the process of dining at Tsuta is: Queue, Decide, Order, Seat, Eat, Go. Simple and hassle free to enjoy a delicious Michelin Starred ramen! Visit Tsuta today and enjoy this unique dining experience!

Where: #01-01 Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, Singapore 228210
Operating Hours: 6 to 11 November – 11am to 6pm, 12 November onward – 11am to 10pm
Contact Information: