Yonpachi Gyojo: Fresh Seafood From Japan

Want to get fresh seafood straight from Japan? Try Yonpachi Gyojo to get quality Japanese seafood at an affordable price!


By weijing

Located in UE Square, Yonpachi Gyojo brings in a variety of the freshest seafood from several ports of Japan. Opened by the same people behind Tsukada Nojo which serves collagen hotpot, Yonpachi Gyojo is a totally different concept from its parent. It serves fresh seafood which are seasonal as well as the usual Japanese set meals. The seafood are imported thrice a week.

Once you’re seated, you will be awed by a huge basket of seafood, named catch of the day. Each fish costs about $20-30 which includes preparation and cooking. You can have the whole fish cooked or raw, or half-half. The fishes are usually seasonal.

Our catch of the day was the Kamasu (Pike Fish, $18). This dish looks really presentable, making this dish look really appetising. If you’re a fish-lover, this dish is for you as it has that deep ocean fish taste that you’ll love!

They also serve some fresh Asari ($7.20) which comes on a grill. Tasty and fresh, you won’t get enough of it!One of their best food items here would have to be the Hotate (Seasonal Price: $12-$18). A taste of it and it’s like heaven in your mouth – soft, succulent and all-in-all tasty.

If you’re looking for a meal complete with rice, you can try their Stone Roasted Butter Rice with Whitebait and Mentaiko ($19.80). Mix them all together and you get a bowl of mixed rice with a thick mentaiko flavour, and you know you can never go wrong with mentaiko!

What’s a Japanese restaurant without sushi? Their Assorted Sushi (5 pc for $20.80, 7 pc for $28.80) displays a variety of of sushi. The most authentic way to enjoy sushi is to put a bit of wasabi on the top of each sushi, which was what they did, and dip the bottom of the sushi into the soy sauce. That’s how the Japanese do it. Take your time to savour each sushi, because it’ll definitely leave you craving for more.

Last but not least, end your meal with a High Ball ($5) which is a bourbon whiskey. There’s a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for you to drink and chill with your friends.

Ue Square
205 River Valley Road

Opening Hours:
6pm – 10:30pm (Daily)

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