Yutang Clan- Teochew Style Fish Soup in CBD

Yutang Clan offers a variety of tasty Teochew-style fish soup, as well as breakfast and dessert items.


By weijing

Who would have thought that a simple bowl of fish soup would have so much variety to it? From a famous hawker stall for 9 years, Yutang Clan expands to a new fish soup eatery in Shenton Way. It continues to serve its signature mackerel fish soups and broths including self-ordering terminals and a unique branding. It even intends to expand its stores in the near future.

Ala Carte Sets

There are 6 set meals, 8 Ala Carte bowls and several side dishes and desserts to choose from! All set meals come with a drink and side dish. Yutang clan only serves first grade Mackerel fishes and definitely has a certain quality to its taste.

First up, we tried the Beauty Set ($13.80) which is collagen soup with Koka signature wheat noodles. This set is definitely for the health-conscious. The soup is boiled with short soft bone for 18 hours, making the broth thick and delicious. Adding on to the healthy factor, the broth is laden with goji berries, silken tofu and shimeji mushrooms.

Another set we tried was the Miso Set ($13.80, Ala carte $11.80) with yi mian. The broth tasted a lot like the Japanese miso, except that it is slightly too salty.

One of our favourite was the Teochew Set ($12.80, Ala carte $10.80) which we chose meesua mian xian to go along. The broth is actually Xian tang , except with a tinge of soft boiled bones in it.

For the more adventurous, you can try the Tom Yum Set ($13.80, Ala carte $11.80) which was actually our favourite. It had a sweet and sour taste to it. Pair it up with Maggie mee noodles, it’ll just be the perfect comfort food for a rainy cold weather.

The last set we tried was the Sichuan Set ($13.80, Ala carte $11.80) where the soup was made from mala paste. This is definitely not for the faint hearted because the spiciness will definitely catch you off guard! Just within seconds of sipping it, your entire tongue will be coated with numbness.

For the side dishes, our recommendation would be Braised Peanuts and Toufu Skin ($3) and Fried Prawn Roll ($5).


Lastly, for the dessert ($3.80), it tastes like mango sago but is replaced by aloe vera bits! This is definitely a good finishing dessert after a hearty meal!

Though these are slightly pricey for fish soup, the unique broth and noodles definitely make up for the price! The fresh Mackerel slices are bouncy in texture, and every ingredient is thoughtfully added into the soup! This definitely exceeds the standard of the common hawker fare! This is definitely worth the try if you’re working in CBD!

Address: 1 Shenton, #01-11, Singapore 068803

Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (weekdays)

Contact no: +65 6509 9560


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