You Can Now Cook With Your Smartphone

With the Sansaire Delta, you can always achieve a perfectly cooked dish.


By delsar

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Always had trouble cooking a dish to the ideal tenderness you wanted? Now, with the Sansaire Delta, you can always achieve a perfectly cooked dish. But what is a Sansaire Delta? It is actually a device that controls temperature precisely to achieve constantly perfect cooked dish. By sealing your ingredients in a bag and submerging into the controlled temperature water, the food can be cooked evenly throughout to the exact doneness you want. Professionals uses sous vide to monitor the temperature and now you can do it too!

Via Kickstarter

Sansaire Delta helps to monitor the temperature, water level and time to cook. But you would wonder, how do I know what temperature to set to? Or how long should I cook it? Fret not! They have a Sansaire App that you can download to your smartphone. The app guides you on the temperature and time to set according to your preferred doneness and ingredients used. In addition, the app also provides recipes so you can stop fumbling for one.


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There are many benefits to this product. For example, the food cooked with the Sansaire Delta is much healthier. Water bathing ingredients like vegetables not only maintains the flavour but also retains the nutrients. This device also allows you to cook for a large group without the hassle. You can cook a restaurant standard meal and save on the money you would have spent eating out.

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The Sansaire Delta weighs only 1.0 kgs and has a dimension on 4x5x9 inch. With it’s sleek design and petite size, you can sure find a spot in your kitchen for it. This product is also great for busy people. Parents can cook meals separately in different bags for their children who may be picky eaters. You won’t have to worry about the water level as the Sansaire Delta does that for you. You can see the temperature of the water, what temperature it is reaching to and the timing it has been cooked. One can confidently walkaway from the pot and focus on accomplishing other tasks. The Sansaire Delta will alert you once the food is ready.

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Another great feature about this device is that it is almost silent. So you won’t have to worry about any distractions coming from the Sansaire Delta while you are away from the kitchen working on other things.

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I personally love a steak that is cooked medium rare with a fragrantly crispy crust. The Sansaire Delta can easily achieve a perfect medium rare steak, but how can you get a crispy golden crust by just water bathing the meat? Use a searing kit to achieve this! If you don’t already have one, you can get a Sansaire Searing Kit available at their website as well.

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Now that you know you can easily create a perfect meal, are you interested in cooking it? You can fund the Sansaire Delta in Kickstarter, or find on more their products on their website.